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CB2 Bath Bomb

CB2 Bath Bomb

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A Jac's Boutique Bestseller. 18+

Sensa Stone has revolutionized relaxation, combining science, chemistry, alchemy and medicine to create the world’s very first CB2TM Terpene infused bath bombs.


We combine CB2TM Terpenes as well as essential oils, MCT Oils and our own high quality and concentration Magnesium salts to create potent and safe Sensa Stones. All you have to do is place your stone in your bath, and then let it work it’s magic — except it’s not magic at all. While you’re soaking away the stress of the day, our unique and powerful formulation is rejuvenating and revitalizing your mind and body.


Experience bliss unleashed. Our Lavender Stone is infused with the relaxing properties of 100% pure lavender, the anti-inflammatory abilities of Transdermal Immersive Hemp Cannabidiol Isolate TM, and the purifying power of our high-quality Epsom salts to provide the most soulful, soothing soak ever.

You can’t avoid stress, but you can wash it away with the help of our CB2TM infused Lavender Stones and emerge renewed, refreshed and relaxed. Slip into the calming waters and see for yourself: your skin will feel softer, your mood, brighter and your body, lighter. That’s the beauty of our handmade, all natural bath stones: there’s nothing to weigh you down.

The trifecta of tension-releasing lavender, Epsom salt and CB2TM make Lavender Stones ideal for just before bed. Let the gentle effervescence lull you into a dreamy pre-bed reverie.


Relax and cultivate your passion. Our Lust Stone is handcrafted with our very own aphrodisiac blend. Sensual swirls of earthy patchouli, sweet orange, cardamom, juniper, coriander and the soft florals of palmarosa + geranium quiet your mind and open your heart. Lust is topped with rose petals for a delicate and romantic touch. A long soak in the bath with the grounding properties of 100% pure essential oils, the anti-inflammatory abilities of CB2TM, and the tension relieving power of our high-quality Epsom salts will leave you feeling blissful and ready to get closer.


Relax and breathe easy. Our handcrafted Eucalyptus Stone has been created to help you open your airways, ease your mind and soothe your body. Using the healing power of the finest quality CB2TM, a high concentration of Epsom salts and 100% pure eucalyptus essential oil, a long soak in the tub with this bath stone will awaken your senses while relaxing your mind: a perfect combination for today’s busy world.

With anti-inflammatory and broad spectrum antimicrobial properties, eucalyptus oil has been used for centuries to treat respiratory conditions and colds, as well as skin infections and acute and chronic pain. When combined with our purifying top-grade Epsom salts and the anti-inflammatory and skin soothing power of CB2TM, our Eucalyptus Stone transforms your bath into a bastion of restoration and tranquility.


Our unscented and dye-free CB2TM Sensa Stone is our gentlest solution for the most sensitive skin. The use of artificial colours and scents can inflame and irritate your precious epidermis, while also triggering scent related allergies. This irritation is especially problematic for women due to the associated risk of resulting urinary tract infections. Because perfumes and other artificial additives throw off your body’s self-regulating pH balance, bad bacteria can flourish and your most intimate areas can become a source of extreme discomfort and, overtime, potential health issues.

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