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Fisherman Hat

Fisherman Hat

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This is, truly, the perfect toque. The Poko Team considers themselves experts in what it means to be the perfect beanie, we are loyal, year-round toque wearers, and we know the key importance to have the perfect beanie in not only Fall and Winter, but in all seasons. The Fisherman Hat is comfortable for bigger heads, but still fits well for smaller heads. It's stretchable but firm in its shape. It's made with one of the world’s silkiest, warmest, and most luxurious fibers: alpaca. It is made of 100% pure Peruvian alpaca, with no synthetic fiber. This style shouts out to its artisan makers with its authentic composition and premium craftsmanship, while at the same time providing that modern style we love. This is a Poko #1, unisex, best selling hat, and a favorite year-round accessory for outdoor adventuring, city-dwelling, summer camping, and winter weather. Highly-recommend.

    • Size: 1-size

    • Composition: 100% Peruvian alpaca

    • Care: Hand wash cold & lay flat to dry

  • Origin: Made in Made in Peru
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