Vichos Honey


Made in Kemptville, ON

Spring Harvest is delicious tangy dandelions, the butterscotch flavour of yellow rocket, and ambrosia like essence of the black locust tree.  Truly an outstanding combination of springtime nectar.

Summer harvest is mildly scented floral aromas of clover, alfalfa and vetch, which grow abundantly in the sunny pastures around our hives.  Truly the premium honey of the season.

Autumn Harvest is full bodied golden rod, bold buckwheat, aromatic asters and the highest content of minerals and antioxidants.  Definitely the boldest of all our honeys.

Winter Creamed although our bees do not produce honey in the winter, we are busy choosing the finest, smoothest natural granulated honey to allow our cold Canadian climate to set our creamed honey to the perfect butter like consistency.  Truly the perfect spread